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Address:  NO.8 Taikang Rd, Industrial Park(North District), Zhitang Town

+86 512 52513693
+86 512 52513639


Hours and Holidays:
8am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday

  In order to make small quantity orders much quicker and easier, we are starting to stock things in our warehouse.
  We offer these things as quick as your local supplier including the delivery, but the cost will be much much cheaper than local. So why not chose from us.

  We are doing promotions about 10 years, so we have good relationships with different suppliers. We are sure we have the ability of souring everything for you and control the delivery time and QC quality well.
  We are not only trading company, we are also manufacturer of textile like bags, aprons, Bandanas, Hi Vest, ect. We do a lot of promotions, we need control quality better. That’s why we have our own print factory. Not only screen print, but also tranfer print and digital print we have. So you don’t need to worry about the print problem.

  Our clients is all over the world, so our work time is 24 hours everyday.
  For our stock items, we will quoted for you within 8 hours For merchandise items, we will quoted for your within one day.
  You can contact with us in any time.